What makes up that perfect landing page? How do you make it so awesome that it can convert and drive sales for your business? Many entrepreneurs are taking serial business methods seriously especially in creating an awesome landing page.

There are many components that make up an effective landing page. There is no silver bullet manual for creating an awesome landing page. There may not be a holy grail anywhere that has the recipe to attract and engage visitors and rake in the profit you want – but there is a mind science or psychology behind it (with of course great skills in copywriting to match).

Here are pro tips for creating an awesome landing page that converts:

  • Create a killer headline. You have to nail the headline because that is where everything else follows. You need to be able to capture attention and interest. To make this happen, you would need a headline that is short and sweet – should not be more than twenty words. To grab your readers’ attention, it should be informative yet irresistible enough that no one can say no to it. With the attention-grabbing headline is the highlight on the products and services that you offer. Your landing page should have a clean and clever design with image that supports a killer headline.
  • Back it up with an intense sub-headline. People are familiar with the headline yet may not be aware of the power that subheadlines generate in support of the headline. This creates that one-two punch effect on your audience with the intention to captivate and push them further the sales funnel. The headline may hurl them in but a persuasive subheadline is what entices them to stay and move forward. This is usually positioned after the headline and is emotionally-loaded for a reason.
  • Place high quality and relevant images. The role of pictures cannot be downsized in creating awesome landing pages. In fact, the human brain can process images faster than text. This is practically the reason why most shared posts online have large and compelling images in it. Videos also resonates the same intensity. If you are selling a product, then by all means, you should showcase a large image of your products on the landing page. This should show your customers the functionality and features of your products while also highlighting the benefits of buying one.
  • Create informative content. You have to provide a detailed yet experiential explanation of what your brand is all about. Your explanations should allow your audience to explore the best of what is to come in your products and services. Your language and word use should be simple and straightforward – no jargons please. This is usually a separate paragraph that comes right after the sub-headline which wraps up all the elements of a great landing page. One critical component to creating an explanation is that it should be geared towards the benefits and should be easily understood by anyone. The explanations should also be actionable, functional, and user-oriented. This should also show value in order to trigger the right response.

A lot of people get freaked out or intimidated with creating amazing landing pages. Fear can be crippling but the key to creating a landing page that converts is sincerity and simplicity. You must always have the user in mind when creating a landing page so you know that it will deliver exactly the results you want. Simplicity is brilliant especially if you integrate it in a landing page that speaks volumes of your brand in all angles.