Increasing one’s bottomline is one of the many challenges of today’s brands. Even the top-performing brands would still have some difficulty putting their act together. Interesting enough, no matter what business you are in, increasing sales leaves much room for improvement in terms of strategies. You cannot just assume without testing the waters because the rules of engagement can change anytime.

You can boost your sales by testing and knowing right then and there what works and what doesn’t for your online store. There are different online marketing strategies that you can implement right away. Here are actionable ways on how to increase sales on your online store:

  • Focus on one product or just a few related ones. It has been proven that online stores that offer just a few products would have higher sales than those with so many options to choose from. You need to focus on one product or a set of related products; you can provide more value to your customers as you are able to give them enough information on the benefits and features of each one. You can also make follow-up offers to your customers without being too overwhelming because you have focus on your featured products.
  • Highlight customer testimonials. Word-of-mouth advertising is more powerful than any sales copy. This is very important especially for online stores as some people could have hesitations with making transactions online. You should include testimonials or feedback from your brand evangelists that should appear on your homepage, product pages, or even in landing pages to build your credibility and trust rating. Customer testimonials convey powerful trust signals that will create a positive perception of your brand. If you have a list of satisfied clients, make sure that you are able to highlight these so your prospects will not think twice in purchasing your products.
  • Create a sense of urgency in your headline. Instilling a sense of urgency in your site visitors is important because they will be compelled to buy now! You can place this near your CTA which could vary in style like offing bonuses, freebies, or a limited-time discount.
  • Offer solutions to your customers’ problems. Find a problem and address that with your products and services. This should be highlighted in your headline so as to catch attention. Show your target audience that you can relate to the problem and that you are confident that you can solve it. Once your audience knows that you understand their problems and that you have the expertise to solve it, then that will certainly boost your sales over a short period of time.
  • Make checkouts easy for your customers. There are many abandoned shopping carts because of too many forms to fill in the checkout process. This hinders conversions for your online store. Provide your buyer more payment options and make the checkout experience quick, secure, and hassle free to gain repeat customers.

Having high quality product images is crucial to getting more customers to buy from your online store. Building brand awareness starts with a good image and this goes the same way with the images or even videos of your products. Increasing the sales of your online store is easy once you think like a customer and strategize like a retail giant.