One of the most efficacious and compelling marketing tools in the digital world are explainer videos. Experts involved in marketing are using them to help clients boost several aspects of a company’s conversions and sales. Since explainer videos are so popular on social media sites and video sharing platforms, the benefits are huge. But do these powerful and effective marketing visual audio ads work for SEO? Can explainer videos provide a boost to your websites SEO? And if so, how exactly do these product explainer videos accomplish that?

Unlike other forms of marketing, explainer videos have data to back up their effectiveness. It is by these stats were one can clearly notice and see the numerous benefits using an explainer video will deliver. In a recent study, sites which had an explainer video on them ranked far higher than those which did not. In fact, more than 59% of websites which use an explainer video saw this benefit. Those pages wound up on the first page of search engines for specific results. In all, there are many things which an awesome explainer video will do for the SEO of your website.

More First Page Rankings

The most clear benefit to utilizing an animated or other type of explainer video on your page is the first place ranking. Each time you embed a tutorial video on your site your page will rank higher. Google loves these explainer videos and having them leads to more first page rankings for your site. The top search engine knows that users are looking for quick answers and solutions to their problems. Explainer videos are renowned for providing those benefits to users. Over 70% of the first page rankings on Google are from video content.

Visitors Spend More Time On Your Site

Understanding the algorithm used by search engines to rank your pages has become harder to do each day. However, there is one thing that is known about Google and other search engines. They value how long each visitor stays on a webpage they visit. The bounce rate as it is called, refers to how long each person stays on your page once they enter it. When people visit a page and leave right away, that is not good. But, if they stay on the page for more than a minute, then it is great for SEO.

On average, websites which use good explainer videos keep visitors on their sites for at least 2 minutes. In some cases, people who visit your site may come back to view the video again. All of this means Google, Yahoo and Bing will use that info to give your site a better ranking.

The Power Of Engagement

Another key benefit from using explainer videos to boost your websites SEO is their engagement power. Top rated explainer videos produce some of the best results when it comes to user engagement. It is part of the reason social media sites love them. You see them all over sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The social media platforms know how much users interact with them. It could be via sharing them, commenting on them and other things. In addition to that, the power of engagement explainer videos deliver also benefit your brand. They are great for getting your company and brand known. And for gaining your services or products better brand awareness.

Sharing Equals Profits

Your website’s search engine optimization is measured greatly by how many shares your content receives. Most of the articles and videos found on first place of search engine results are because of the high number of shares they garnish. That is one of the things which highly rated explainer videos do so well. They bring about countless of shares. When a person finds a video useful, most share them with others. Users also embed them on their sites or on social media. In turn, that makes the explainer videos go viral.

Dozens of companies have gone from unknown to some of the most recognized in months. All it took was a great explainer video going viral. At the same time, these shares lead to profits for you. As more people visit your site, that leads to higher conversion rates.

Explainer Videos Increase Inbound Links

As far as marketing is concerned, videos are now the most shared type of content. Users find them extremely engaging, easy to follow and enjoyable. Each time a person “Likes” or shares your explainer video, that counts towards your SEO power. As more people share your video, you build inbound links to your site. Not only does that leads to more visitors, but also higher search engine rankings. To make sure your explainer video gains a lot of inbound links and shares, be sure to use a good thumbnail for it. This is what people typically see when they search for them online. Unless you create one, Google and other search engines will pull their own thumbnail from the video.

In all, there are numerous ways by which a company explainer videos or any custom explainer video can help increase your sites SEO. More importantly, they will also lead to higher profits, conversions and sales. You will also increase your brand’s recognition and website’s trust. In case you are not already using an explainer video for your site, the time is now. Your options include using programs or software to create an explainer video.

Some people who are not too comfortable making an audio visual advert themselves hire a freelancer. But for bigger companies and businesses with more at stake, those are not viable or recommended options. For them, it is wiser to use a top rated video production company such as SquareShip. Or they can also choose to use a professional explainer video creator. Those options ensure that the explainer video will be more successful and profitable.